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More Awesome Changes to Cells

Posted on January 18, 2017

Okay bonus cells got another upgrade. Here are the changes:

  • Each cell is now an ameritrash style dice roll for the amount of defence it will increase
  • The resulting value can be seen underneath the tile either by hovering (touching on mobile) or by hitting the “Transparent Tiles” button
  • The tiles base attack and defence can also be seen when hovering or hitting said button
  • When you take over a tile which is on a bonus cell, you claim the tile at it’s base values plus the value of the bonus cell
  • Removed Defence from the real-time indicator overlay as it’s so volatile now that it’s a pretty useless indication of anything

All current games have been upgraded to the new system.

Battle on!

Ch-ch-ch-changes Made

Posted on January 17, 2017
  • All bonus tiles on the board give defence (think: fortresses)
  • Said boosted tiles which were already defence have been doubled
  • Boosting existing tiles (via playing multiple words) give defence only boosts now

Individual Tile Pools (Game Reset)

Posted on January 08, 2017

Just rolled out individual tile pools.

Each player has their own pool of tiles to pull from during the game. Currently it is a fixed “Deck” of the starter tiles. After every win, each player will be awarded a new tile. In a future update, you will be able to use these new tiles to build your own “Decks” to play with.

Each board will have their own tile limit (The Standard is 65) and max point value (attack + defence for all tiles) for your “Deck” (The Standard is 150).

Game had to be reset to support the new infrastructure.

The joys of beta testing!

Game on.


Posted on January 07, 2017

Welcome to the beta testing of the new game here at WordBattles.com!

The new game treats tiles as soldiers and they do battle against your opponents tiles when played next to them. Here are some of the basics of gameplay: